The following are articles, interviews and other media surrounding season two of The Big Ward.

  • Stuff profiles the new season of The Big Ward;

“The battle against obesity continues …”

  • Greg Bruce reviews the first episode in the NZ Herald;

“Weighty issues keep us watching”


Here’s where you’ll find the articles, interviews and other media surrounding season one of The Big Ward.

  • Nat talks to Stuff about his journey (spoilers);

How to lose your appetite, 90 per cent of your stomach and 80kg

  • Dr Babor spoke with the NZ Heral’d Russell Blackstock about The Big Ward;

The doctor at the cutting edge of our obesity crisis

  • Lara Strongman talks about The Big Ward on Radio New Zealand:

Viewing with Lara Strongman

  • An article from the New Zealand Listener:

Tipping the Scales

  • Veronica talks to Shaun Bamber from the TV Guide about her journey (spoilers):

Weighty Issues

  • Dr Babor stopped in to chat with Mike Hosking on Newstalk ZB:

“Surgeon changing lives of the obese”

  • Melenie Parks from Yahoo Entertainment’s take on Episode 1:

“The Big Ward : New Zealand’s Obesity Epidemic”

  • Stuff’s Jane Clifton calls The Big Ward – moving, intelligent and insightful:

“The Big Ward shows how superior NZ television can be …”

  • NZ Herald’s Joanna Hunkin¬†assesses the new season TV series so far:

“Winners and Losers of the TV new season line-up”

  • Calum Henderson of the NZ Herald & The Spinoff gets real:

“The TV equivalent of sneaking a big serving of vegetables into dinner”

  • Nikki Bezzant talks about TBW and the transformations in the NZ Herald:

“Weight loss is a win for life”