Meet Our People


Lifelong emotional eating has seen Josephine’s weight climb to 165 kilos. Food has been her constant companion since childhood, and her comfort for the years that acute agoraphobia saw her holed up indoors. Her determination to complete her Bachelors degree and become a nurse spurs her on to reach the weight she needs to get surgery. Her love for her family and desire to not leave her Mum alone after her Dad’s early death continue to motivate her towards her goal – as well as her dream of comfortably riding a bike again.



The youngest of our patients is a proud Samoan – Maori law student. Her enquiry about the bariatric surgery was triggered following a serious car accident, the cause of which her family believe may have been weight related. Kimiora has a family history of obesity and has made numerous attempts over the years to reach her goal weight herself, but with little success. Once considered for the surgery, Kimiora embarked upon a strict training regime, fully supported by her family and friends. With her 21st birthday approaching, Kimiora dreams of celebrating the special occasion in what she hopes will be a transformed body and new found outlook on life.



Weighing in at 140 kilos, Maria longs to look good in what she wears and feel confident again. She suffers from a limp when she walks, as a result of pain in her damaged hip joints.  Sleep Apnoea robs Maria daily of a comfortable night’s sleep, and she has to wear a gas-like mask to regulate her breathing. With the support of her son Vincent, Maria wants to stop her secret binge-eating habit and embrace her weight-loss journey so she can enjoy the freedom of swimming in the sea without shame and walking her beloved dogs in the bush.



Nat dreams of the day he can get back to a healthy weight and compete in a showcase wrestling match again. Working night shifts and long hours has meant reaching for regular meals of fatty foods and he’s watched his weight balloon to over 180 kilos. Years of rapid weight gain after he broke his neck, left the former Junior Wrestling Champ depressed and sofa bound. He’s on a mission now to lose the weight, kick the Sleep Apnoea that plagues him and to get back into the ring for himself and his family.



After hearing he’s headed for certain death, 180kg Pasione knows he needs to turn his life around. Already diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and in pain from slipped spinal discs, the stay-at-home Dad of one knows he owes it to himself and his family to lose the weight that’s crept up on him after a back injury. The former Lifesaver can see the day he hits the water again and wants to show his 3-year-old and partner that he has it in him to achieve his goals of getting back to work and sharing his physical passions with his family again.



Veronica has spent years turning to food and drink to help ease the pain of her depression, anxiety and loneliness, but it’s seen her weight climb slowly to 148 kilos. The local primary school PA wants nothing more than to take the trip of a lifetime to Europe with her teenage daughter, carrying no excess baggage. In an effort to reach her goal and ease the Osteo-arthritis suffered in her knees and hips, Veronica is now replacing alcohol and food with exercise, hoping to inspire her daughter and others towards a healthier future.