William says … no more ‘Big Bill’


Just a few words about my journey post operation.  My life has changed completely. I went from 6xl to 2xl in the first two weeks. I was taken off Insulin, no more injections, no more Metformin, blood pressure meds were taken away and my losec was cut in half. On the 3rd week I handed my sleep apnoea machine back.  These may seem small things, but they dominated my life.  

The biggest thing was a personal promise I made,  NEVER WEAR TRACK PANTS AGAIN my whole wardrobe was four sizes too big. It has been great to walk into any menswear store and buy clothes – and that includes underwear. ( Big department stores think big men don’t wear underwear!) 

Mr Babor changed my life! The operation lets me walk up stairs like other people. I now fit into an airplane seat, I don’t need an extension belt and the tray comes down completely.  I can walk and I’m not referred to as BIG BILL.  MY HEALTH IS NORMAL 

Thank you, William



Episode 4 (Series Two)

Will and Liz go down different paths, Lisa joins the journey hoping to turn around both her physical and mental health with surgery and Jackson isn’t fronting-up and faces the threat of discharge from the Super Clinic. If you missed out on seeing this episode you can catch up on TVNZ OnDemand.

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Episode 1 (Series Two)

We return to the Manukau Super Clinic and follow the journey of several patients attempting to undergo weight-loss surgery. We meet two new bariatric surgery hopefuls Jackson and Mel, while Josephine returns for her fifth weigh-in attempt. If you missed out on seeing this episode you can catch up on TVNZ OnDemand.

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Greenstone’s top-rating series The Big Ward is back, screening on TVNZ2, Thursday’s at 8.00pm.

This year, seven inspirational weight-loss surgery patients embark on a life-changing journey. In The Big Ward 2 we walk alongside our patients as they face their demons and very personal challenges head on.

From depression and anxiety to head-hunger, sleep eating, and genetic pre-disposition, this series digs even deeper into our obesity epidemic and how it’s affecting Kiwis.

Jackson, Lisa, Mel, Elizabeth & William

The Big Ward Series 2

This series is proudly funded by NZ on Air and TVNZ, with the co-operation of Counties Manukau Health.

Ronnie reflects …


So over a year post surgery, life is as normal as can be, after WLS. I’ve plateaued with kilo loss but still shrinking, go figure.

The number on the scales can rule some people, so use the measure of clothes or monthly measurements. It will do your head in otherwise.

Talking about head stuff…just because I’m now seen as ‘skinny’ doesn’t mean I see what you see. Am I happy in my skin? Believe it or not, I was more comfortable big, I was less self conscious & I was ‘invisible’. Those who have been there will understand.

The most difficult part for me is accessing help to try deal with the post surgery stuff.   Pre- surgery, I paid for counselling for myself (3 sessions) & my girl (2sessions), because there is no counselling available in our dhb. This is where the wheels can fall off, if you don’t have the support & professional help.

So where to from here? Keep on asking questions, for help. If you are wanting surgery, finding the right GP who will help & guide you.

I am truly grateful for being accepted for surgery, that was the easy part. Now the hard part continues…living in a society that is full of temptation.

Keep your mind on the goal, ask for help, find a supportive friend.

Eat to live, don’t live to eat. Kia Kaha.

Ronnie xx

PS I’ve been asked a lot how my knees are. They are coping better with the weight off. I can now do exercises I could never do before, step ups, lunges, weighted barbell squats (PB 80kg), reverse curl, hanging knee lifts, to name a few. I can even jog a little, I laugh when I’m doing it coz everything jiggles and I’m chanting ‘I’m running, I’m running!’

The changing weather has caused a bit more pain, arthritis will do that, but I’ve asked a talented man if he can make me some knee warmers (will keep you posted!).

Thanks for reading xx