Ronnie reflects …


So over a year post surgery, life is as normal as can be, after WLS. I’ve plateaued with kilo loss but still shrinking, go figure.

The number on the scales can rule some people, so use the measure of clothes or monthly measurements. It will do your head in otherwise.

Talking about head stuff…just because I’m now seen as ‘skinny’ doesn’t mean I see what you see. Am I happy in my skin? Believe it or not, I was more comfortable big, I was less self conscious & I was ‘invisible’. Those who have been there will understand.

The most difficult part for me is accessing help to try deal with the post surgery stuff.   Pre- surgery, I paid for counselling for myself (3 sessions) & my girl (2sessions), because there is no counselling available in our dhb. This is where the wheels can fall off, if you don’t have the support & professional help.

So where to from here? Keep on asking questions, for help. If you are wanting surgery, finding the right GP who will help & guide you.

I am truly grateful for being accepted for surgery, that was the easy part. Now the hard part continues…living in a society that is full of temptation.

Keep your mind on the goal, ask for help, find a supportive friend.

Eat to live, don’t live to eat. Kia Kaha.

Ronnie xx

PS I’ve been asked a lot how my knees are. They are coping better with the weight off. I can now do exercises I could never do before, step ups, lunges, weighted barbell squats (PB 80kg), reverse curl, hanging knee lifts, to name a few. I can even jog a little, I laugh when I’m doing it coz everything jiggles and I’m chanting ‘I’m running, I’m running!’

The changing weather has caused a bit more pain, arthritis will do that, but I’ve asked a talented man if he can make me some knee warmers (will keep you posted!).

Thanks for reading xx


Josephine’s on fire …

Just letting you know what I’m doing right now. 

The Big Boys and Big Girls programme is great, which I attend three times a week with Mum and Nga.  They know all about ‘The Big Ward’ and they are helping me to lose weight so that I can have my surgery. Here’s a picture with my new cool group, we are all there fighting the fat

Big Boys Big Girls

Plus my sister had just signed me up with a different programme, which runs for six weeks.  That programme runs from Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 6am to 7am in the morning, which means waking up early in the morning.  I had someone come up to me this morning, saying, the only reason why she came was because her friend told her she saw me there.

People are nice and I know that the other five people in the programme get the same response back from the public.  With each positive response, I know there will be negative ones, but I don’t care Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 4.14.07 pm.png