In Pasione’s words…

My personal walk with obesity.

For me in my years as a child there was always a heap of bread at the meal table. I used to sandwich everything at every meal, rice sandwiches, potato sandwiches, pie sandwiches etc…I believe that this main accompaniment to my meals was to be one of my hardest habits to break. Along with getting older and finding work, having an income and not having any responsibility besides board, the allure of drive through take aways crept in. This would be my hardest struggle now as an adult. In control of my eftpos card in my own car with no positive support or motivation and even past habits it is so easy to roll through mcds and order the usual 2 boss burgers extra big mac sauce kaiser bun steamed with extra quarter pound patty on 1…so many nights and money spent. And then fizzy drink. I could polish a 1.5l Pepsi max taste in 2 minutes some days and my conscience was clear because it has all the taste and no sugar.

So these habits have been with me for a long time and I take full responsibility for my choices and my weight gain to make it clear. But here is where my testimony turns toward more changing circumstances. In June 2010 I met a girl. After 3 months of being friends I was let go from a job that I loved so deeply, where I had met her and danced and drank and danced some more(r.i.p boogie wonderland) the last night I worked I was absolutely drunk and crying in the small bar. Keita was holding my hand and consoling me throughout. When I had sobered up enough I remembered her heart and thought that it was a Beauty worth pursuing. She became my mrs and I became her man.

She fell pregnant the 2nd week we became a couple. We found out on the 7th week.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 5.25.16 pm

I had moved with her and her family to the bay of islands after living my whole life in Auckland surrounded by my family and familiarity. I put on 50kg of weight and Keita put on 30kg during her pregnancy due to our choices and habits surrounding fast food and country living. During this time in 2010 to 2011 I reinjured my back badly and I discovered through blood tests that I had developed type 2 diabetes. My daughter was born in 2011. And since then my situation of my health conditions combined with weight and constant medication has become the poorest quality of a life I could have ever imagined for myself. Also place my beautiful partner and daughter on to my shoulders and what is now my chance at a family and growing a loving and nurturing environment for them is taken up with pain management and our choices are severely limited by my injury, my weight, me.

Through all of our trying to lose weight and dieting and exercise and hopes and dreams we have both been unsuccessful at making a major dent to my obesity and my diabetes. I am now desperate enough to consider anything. Even cutting off my stomach for the sake of my family.

This is how I came to be here. This is my personal walk with obesity. It now affects my 2 greatest Loves and not just me. As I said in the documentary, Keita deserves a better man, Sophia deserves a better dad. This is how my journey has started…hopefully with surgery my life could be given something new, positive, inspiring.  Thank you for reading this blog and I hope you are encouraged by our lives.

“Eat to live, don’t eat to die” – Pasione 

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