Nat’s update …

Last night we caught up with Josephine and Maria.

  • Maria overcame her sugar addictions and finally with the support of her son made her goal weight. Believe me that is an awesome achievement in itself. Hopefully, we can see her maintain her strength and stay at her goal weight before she reaches surgery. Awesome result – for both Maria and her son. It shows a little support can go along way when you are going for weight loss surgery. Can’t wait to see her progress over the next couple weeks.
  • We also caught up with Josephine – our Big little fighter from the south. It is heart breaking to see her go through all she went through. It shows that it is a real struggle to lose that extra weight, you have to lose before you go to surgery. You have to put the work in it doesn’t just get handed to you like everyone thinks. You have to be committed to, not only a lifestyle change while you are on the programme, but also a lifestyle change after surgery as well. Josephine is a huge fighter though and an inspiration to us all. She has a lot more to deal with than most people and hopefully we will see her jump back and fight the good fight.

This Sunday be sure to look out for Myself and Mili at the Round the Bays event in Auckland. We will be out there beating the streets and and meeting the peeps!

Hope to see everyone out there.

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